Joe Clarke

6 December 2019 Joe Clarke

This is why we launched Report Harmful Content

Report Harmful Content officially launched on Tuesday 3 December. These stories and statistics show exactly why the service is so…

5 December 2019 Joe Clarke

Safer Internet Day 2020 Educational resources for 11-14-Year Olds

For Safer Internet Day 2020, we have created a range of educational resources which are designed for educators to deliver…

26 November 2019 Joe Clarke

ProjectEVOLVE has launched!

Free resources for teachers. Evolve your curriculum for the 21st century with hundreds of free plans, presentations, and resources.

14 November 2019 Joe Clarke

Anti-Bullying Tips from the Professionals Online Safety Helpline

In the nearly-ten-years of running the Professionals Online Safety Helpline, we’ve learned some key ways you can stamp out bullying…

7 November 2019 Joe Clarke

Marking an Online Safety Live milestone

We’ve recently passed a significant milestone with our Online Safety Live training sessions. Can you guess what it was?

30 July 2019 Joe Clarke

Online friendships and World Friendship Day 2019

World Friendship Day is a day to celebrate and reflect on our meaningful relationships, but what do good online friendships look…