Image of How are age ratings for apps and games rated?

How are age ratings for apps and games rated?

24 March 2017

Most people in the UK are familiar with age ratings for films, but what about when it comes to games and apps? How are ratings decided and can they be trusted?

Image of What is

What is

23 February 2017

Ellie Proffitt, an education officer at Childnet International, looks at the popular app

Image of Forget Tinder, Hello Yellow

Forget Tinder, Hello Yellow

03 November 2016

A new dating app that has exactly the same look and feel as Tinder (swipe to the left, swipe to the right, make judgements with just a photo, etc.) except it is directly linked to Snapchat, so you can start sending snaps straight away. I became aware of Yellow after a school contacted our...

Instant Messaging Apps

16 May 2014

Over the last few months quite a few new messaging apps have been released giving young people different spaces to share secrets anonymously online (Whisper and Yik Yak to name a couple).

Just as a Sat Nav uses Global Positioning System (GPS) data to locate where you are in your car, these apps...