About UKCIS Evidence Group


Research findings are vital to provide the evidence base to inform stakeholder actions designed to improve children’s online safety. It is also important to know where gaps in the evidence base exist.
The Evidence Group is collating information from pertinent research findings and communicating this to all stakeholders, with the aim of keeping the UK Council for Internet Safety (UKCIS), and the wider public, up to date.


The Evidence Group is interested in all high quality and reliable research relevant to UKCIS’s remit. In its first year (2010-11), it has focussed on identifying recent, UK based research regarding children’s, parents’ and offenders’ actions and experiences in relation to the internet.
In coming months, it will cover evidence on technological change, safety tools and practices, and relevant research from other countries, as available.

Research Highlights

A series of Research Highlights provide succinct summaries of key findings important for the UKCIS evidence base. Although they are not in themselves new research, they identify and link to original research sources.
Each is produced in association with the author or organisation responsible for the original research. The Evidence Group has reviewed and revised each one, to ensure the quality of both the research source and the text of the Research Highlight.

About the Evidence Group

The Evidence Group includes representatives from academia, government, NGOs and industry. We welcome information about recent and ongoing research relevant to child internet safety.
The Group was established following Tanya Byron’s recommendation to government that: “in the fast-changing sphere of the internet, research quickly goes out of date…I recommend that there be a Research Sub-Group of the Council to establish a rolling programme for research and to ensure that robust evidence informs the Council’s work …This research should be made publicly available and be conducted according to robust standards.”  

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