Instagram introduces new comment moderation tools

13 Sep 2016 UK SIC

Instagram have unveiled a new comment moderation tool, allowing users to flag key words they do not want appearing in the comments on their pictures.

Instagram have introduced this tool as part of their commitment to making Instagram a safe, fun and friendly place where users can express themselves.

What does the tool do?

There are two options of how to block comments under the new moderation tool; default and custom.

The default option hides inappropriate comments based on a standard list of keywords. The custom settings let a user add their own words, phrases, hashtags and emojis that they would like to be filtered out of comments on their pictures.

Setting up comment moderation?

Instagram have created a step by step guide on how to set up these comment filters:

Once the comment moderation is in place on an account both old and new comments containing the blocked words will not be shown to the user. It is important to note that the commenter and the commenter’s followers will still be able to see the comment, even though it is hidden from all other users.

Instagram already provide safety tools such as swiping to delete comments and reporting for inappropriate content and say that the comment moderating tool is the next step in updating these existing tools.

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