Our Internet, Our Choice Report

30 Jan 2019 Becca Cawthorne

For Safer Internet Day 2019, the UK Safer Internet Centre has launched a report into young people’s experiences of asking for, giving and receiving consent in an online context.

Young people talking about their experiences online and how they navigate consent. 


For Safer Internet Day 2019, the UK Safer Internet Centre commissioned an online survey of 2004 young people aged 8‐17 years, which was conducted by Censuswide. We also asked 10 Childnet Digital Leaders about their experiences online. 

The report reveals just how integral sharing and viewing online content is to young people’s lives, and how vital it is that we all understand the needs that young people have in navigating how to ask, give and receive permission online. The findings highlight that children and young people usually have the right intentions and want to be respectful and considerate of each other. However, in practice, they can sometimes get into difficulty.

The myriad of ways in which they use the internet, the fast-paced nature of the technology they use and the lack of clear guidance on what, how and when permission should be sought is causing difficulties for many children and young people.

It is essential that we all see it as our responsibility to support young people to practically apply consent online.

Our Internet, Our Choice, SID 2019 - young people&#8217s attitudes
Our Internet, Our Choice, SID 2019 - Consent conflict
Our Internet, Our Choice, SID 2019 - Impact on young people

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