TikTok Incorporates New Comment Features

19 Mar 2021 Andy Robinson

TikTok has included two new features to help creators filter out comments as well as encouraging users to reconsider posting hurtful material. Find out how these new features work in this latest article

Comments on social media can be a positive place to see how users are responding to content online, but unfortunately, it can also bring a lot of negativity. Comments can often be hateful or unkind that aim to bring either the creator or the audience down. In response to this, TikTok has brought out two new features to help give creators more control over their comments along with encouraging viewers to rethink their actions if they are driven to post hurtful comments.

Filtering and controlling comments 

TikTok has incorporated the ‘Filter All Comments’ feature that is an extra monitoring process to allow users to check all comments before they are made public on their videos. When comments are made, they are sent directly to the creator for review. If something is harmful or unkind, then they can choose not for it to appear. This can be an option for users who want more control over their content and who only want comments that they are comfortable to show, positive or negative.

This feature builds on the already established options of filtering out offensive comments and specific keywords chosen by the creator. If you choose these options, TikTok will determine whether a comment is harmful and will hide it until approved by you. As well as this, if you feel a specific word or phrase is related to bringing offense, you can add these in and TikTok will hide any comment that uses those keywords until it is approved by you.

Reconsidering harmful and offensive comments

As well as this, a new feature looks to promote respect and kindness throughout the platform by prompting users to reconsider their words if they are about to post offensive or harmful comments. If a phrase is typed out that could promote negativity, a prompt will appear asking them to consider editing their comment. It will also advise them that it could violate their community guidelines which if not adhered to, could result in suspension of accounts or banning altogether from TikTok. Users will ultimately have the final decision of whether to post the comment or not but the prompt is there to encourage people to reconsider their actions.

TikTok Safety Checklist

These features are important steps forward in trying to make social media platforms positive areas for people of all ages. If you want to know what other safety measures and privacy features TikTok has in place, then don’t forget to download SWGfL’s free social media checklist.

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