Top tips and advice for 11-18s

19 Jan 2017 UK SIC

The theme for Safer Internet Day 2017 was ‘Be the change: Unite for a better internet’. 

Check out the top tips, videos and links below to help you make a positive change online and play your part in making the internet a better and safer place.

  • Be the change Make the internet a great place for all. Use the positive power of images and videos to help create a better internet. 

    Do you know how to be positive to keep yourself and others safe online? Try our Safer Internet Day 2017 quiz now to find out!
  • Be kind Use images and videos to make a positive impact, and think carefully about the impact on others before you share something online. Watch our SID TV film for 11-14 year olds to think about the selfies we take and why we share them:
  • Be you Think before you post. What do your images and videos say about you; are you happy with the story you are telling? What you share online could be there forever, can be misinterpreted and could also reveal personal information about you. Check out our SID TV film for 14-18 year olds to help think about the impact our images and posts can have on our online reputation:
  • Be a digital citizen Report anything you see online, including images and videos, which are offensive, upsetting or inappropriate. Speak to a trusted adult if something worries you.

    Make sure you know how and where to report on social media by checking our the ‘Social media help’ page.
  • Be a critical thinker Seeing is not believing… when you see something online take a moment to see the full picture. Not everything or everyone online can be trusted.
  • Be safe Never agree to meet up offline with someone you only know online. No matter how friendly they might seem or how well you think you know them, they are still a stranger. Always tell a trusted adult if someone online asks to meet up.

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