Free Password Management & Security Guide Released

Password man

October is Cyber-Security month, and with our increasing focus on security and data protection, we have developed a new FREE resource for schools and other organisations entitled “Password Management & Security Guide”.

With the explosion of internet-connected data management systems over the past 10 years, along with continuous reports of high profile data breaches, security and data protection have become serious issues for schools and other organisations. Guidance to develop the correct policies and have the right systems in place to train staff have become even more important for many of these organisations and schools.

To respond to this need, we have been working hard to develop products, resources and training to help schools raise awareness, develop policy and train staff.

In 2016 we released an article entitled “Guide to Creating and Managing Passwords”, the new resource has been developed from this to give readers a clear and simple understanding of how passwords are stored, compromised, and cracked. This knowledge then frames our recommendations on creating and managing secure passwords, including guidance on how administrators should deliver passwords to users.

The article was originally posted on the SWGfL website.

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