Supporting professionals with online safety

When it comes to online safety, we can offer you bespoke training both in person and online for your school or organisation. We will deliver the session at a date and time convenient to you and offer e-safety training tailored to your needs. Our sessions can cover a range of topics, such as: general online safety advice, blended and remote learning, as well as focused sessions around bullying, gaming, mental health and wellbeing, sexting, digital literacy and skills, privacy and managing professional reputation online. These sessions can be delivered live or pre-recorded depending on your schools’ needs. Audiences for our training can include:

Professional audiences

Early years settings through to universities

Children and young people aged 3 -25

Parents and foster carers

School staff and governers


Social workers

Safeguarding professionals

Local authority safeguarding boards

And many more!

Our parent and carer sessions can also be adapted to your needs. We can focus mainly on providing parent and carers with information about latest opportunities and risks online, advice on where to seek help and support, and strategies for engaging with their children and creating positive digital environment for the family.

These sessions are delivered by SWGfL, a partner in the UK Safer Internet Centre. For more information email us at

Frequently asked questions on training

“Excellent Session! We need a short and concise session to meet the needs of our pupils and they were thrilled. It was perfect. Thank you.”

“A very relevant and thought-provoking course! Excellent presentation! Really enjoyed it! It makes you question your own use of technology and the internet to hopefully make us better role models. It highlighted current facts and figures about Internet usage and dangers that makes you realise the importance of teaching our children about online safety.”

The workshop was amazing and our parents/carers found it very informative.”
“A well-planned and informative session that met the needs of the school. Thank you!”
“A great session, jam packed with information and advice.”


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