Baroness Beeban Kidron OBE, Founder and Chair, 5Rights

My wish for this year is that delivering a rights-respecting, inclusive, and safe digital world for children becomes a reality. For too long we have been fighting to establish the problem – but as increasing numbers of children and ever younger ages become oppressed by the commercial and adult demands of a digital world with its eyes set on profit and growth – we must turn our minds to solutions.

The vision of a better digital world is simply a question of what we dare to imagine, and the corporate and political will to deliver it. The digital world is 100% engineered which means that it can be optimised for any purpose – in 2022 let that purpose be children’s rights, children’s agency and children’s safety. All children and young people should be able to enjoy the benefits of the digital world without fear of harm, discrimination or exploitation.

At 5Rights Foundation we are endlessly grateful to our Young Advisory Groups and the children and young people around the globe who share their experiences and guide our work. Safer Internet Day is a reminder that we must work together to build the digital world that they deserve.”