Research summaries from the Evidence Group of the UK Council for Internet Safety

Research and evidence is vital to inform the promotion of a safer online environment for children. The UKCIS Evidence Group provides UKCIS (formerly known as UKCCIS) with a timely, critical and rigorous account of the relevant research. It includes representatives from academia, NGOs and police, and meets regularly in order to identify, evaluate and commission new research relevant to child internet safety.

The Research Highlights Series overviews new findings as they become available. The Evidence Group exercises editorial control over the selection and production of these Research Highlights, and we invite researchers and stakeholders to inform us of recent and ongoing research.

Research Highlight Series

Two page summaries of the latest research findings.

Additional Reports and Resources

Reports, presentations and reviews from the Evidence Group of UKCIS.

Evidence Group Members

A full list of the members of the Evidence Group of the UK Council for Internet Safety.


Background about the aim and scope of the Evidence Group of the UK Council for Internet Safety.

How to submit

Guidelines for submitting a Research Highlight for the Evidence Group.

What is good quality research?

A guide from the from the UKCIS Evidence Group to introduce principles of good quality research.


The research documents on this web page do not necessarily reflect the views of the Department for Education or UKCIS members, including its Executive Board. They provide evidence and statistics which may inform UKCIS’s direction and work.

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