Chief Executive, BBFC – David Austin

Film, video and websites can make a huge difference in our lives and, like families across the countries, we want that difference to be a positive one, especially for children and teens. 

That’s why we’re proud to support Safer Internet Day 2020 – which this year is celebrating the theme ‘together for a better internet’. We know from talking to parents how tough it is to navigate the online world safely and we’re here to help with that. Although every family is different, parents, carers and children tell us that age-ratings can be a really useful guide to what’s suitable and that they play a valuable part in helping them decide, and even negotiate, what to watch and what to avoid. 

Our education team work with teachers and schools to produce a range of resources specifically designed for young people, to help them choose content that’s right for them. We’ve worked in partnership with the PSHE association to produce Key Stage 2 and 3 resources, which can be downloaded from our website. Teachers can also find a poster all about age ratings, as well as lots of useful information on our CBBFC website.

This year, we’re very pleased to be supporting the Welsh Government’s short film competition, in which schools across Wales have been invited to make a 1 minute film about online safety. I was very pleased to be a judge on the panel, and every finalist will have their film classified by the BBFC – meaning that they will all receive an official BBFC age rating and famous Black Card. This important competition has done a great job of promoting online safety in schools, and all the entries have been creative, well thought through and carry important messages about staying safe online.