Founder and Director, The Breck Foundation – Lorin LaFave

We at Team Breck strive to educate and empower young people to keep safer online by looking after each  other and making safer choices within their own online activities and behaviours, whether gaming or socialising.  Safer Internet Day is a brilliant time to think though the key message from our short film, Breck’s Last Game, which was created in collaboration with four police forces, “Do you Really know your online friends?”  Young people must be armed with digital resilience to be able to recognise the difference between healthy and unhealthy relationships, whether online or within their communities.  Our film helps to raise awareness of CSE so that young people can recognise the signs of grooming to avoid the possible harmful outcomes.  Every day is safer internet day for those of us who are passionate about safeguarding, but this day is a celebration of all of our collective success.