“We are proud to associate ourselves with the 2024 Safer Internet Day. The tragic story of Breck Bednar has taught us the significance of working together with children and young people to deal with the insidiousness of online grooming and exploitation. We remain committed to enabling and amplifying youth voice both in raising awareness/educating the public on the issues and in our approach to policy work.
We are once again using the Safer Internet Day as an opportunity to draw attention to the important work that we and other like-minded organisations do. This year, we once again want to flood the digital world with joy and positivity and are asking our supporters to wear yellow colours in show of their stance against online hate and bullying. We believe that the more of us who visibly stand up for positivity online the more impact we can have; because only by working together can we reclaim the internet for our children and young people.”

Erica Thornton

Breck Foundation