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Guidelines for the submission of a UKCCIS Evidence Group Research Highlight.


The Research Highlights series has been established by the UKCCIS Evidence Group to raise the profile of relevant research among stakeholders. Research Highlights are designed to communicate the key findings of relevant research in a simple and accessible format, made available through the UKCCIS website and other points of access.

Researchers and the UKCCIS Evidence Group work in collaboration to extract pertinent research findings of interest to stakeholders and to develop a Research Highlight document for dissemination to a wide network of stakeholders, represented in the UKCCIS Working Groups and Executive Board, encompassing the public, private and third sectors.

UKCCIS Evidence Group Research Highlights are an effective medium for the communication of key research findings to other policymakers, researchers, government Ministers and families, enhancing the influence of research in the development of internet safety programmes and policies.

Research Highlights are produced according to a standard template (Download). Research Highlights incorporate key findings and a brief description of research methodology/rationale. All Research Highlights include a link to the original publication and contact details for a named individual involved in the research project, enabling interested parties to follow up their interest in the research.

Submission Process

A clear and straightforward editorial process has been established for the production of a UKCCIS Research Highlight. 

  1. Researchers must first contact the UKCCIS Evidence Group to express their interest in developing a UKCCIS Research Highlight. Email Jo Bryce at
  2. Researchers will be asked to submit a short (5-6 pages) summary of the research project to UKCCIS. It is vital that researchers create a short summary at this initial stage – many research projects will produce diverse findings, only a fraction of which are relevant to UKCCIS stakeholders. Through the submission of a short summary, the UKCCIS Evidence Group will be able to determine those aspects of the research project of particular interest, and develop a Research Highlight document accordingly.
  3. The UKCCIS Evidence Group will extract key findings relevant to child internet safety from the research summary for inclusion in the Research Highlight template. Members of the Evidence Group will endeavour to add value to the Research Highlight by peer review. The collective expertise of the Evidence Group membership will ensure that the Research Highlight is of maximum relevance to stakeholders in the field of child internet safety.
  4. The Research Highlight will be revised according to the Evidence Group review.
  5. Following Evidence Group sign-off, Research Highlights will be published on the UK Safer Internet Centre website.

Note that the Evidence Group retains complete ownership and editorial control of UKCCIS Research Highlights. The Evidence Group also retains responsibility for quality control.

UKCCIS encourages all researchers working on child internet safety and related disciplines to contribute to the UKCCIS Evidence Group Research Highlights Series. Although the Evidence Group may commission a Research Highlight directly from researchers/stakeholders, the Evidence Group encourages researchers working on relevant projects to contact UKCCIS directly to organise the submission of a Research Highlight.

What is good quality research?

A guide from the Evidence Group of the UK Council for Child Internet Safety

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