Ian Critchley QPM, Deputy Chief Constable & Lead for Child Protection, National Police Chiefs’ Council

“NPCC is committed to Protecting children from all forms of harm and abuse. This is a true societal challenge, that needs each and every person, whatever their role, to contribute to the fight. NPCC works closely with its law enforcement partner, the NCA, and with our colleagues in other organisations as we seek to keep children safe online. Safer Internet Day is a great opportunity to reinforce the importance of our efforts. Making space for conversations about life online is so important – it helps parents and trusted adults to understand the risks, to spot the signs of child sexual abuse and exploitation, and it opens up a pathway for conversations with their children about their internet use. There is a moral responsibility on internet platforms and media companies to make their platforms safer – and I will continue to support the Online Harms Bill, and our partners in Ofcom, as we work through how this vital legislation can protect children.”

Ian Critchley QPM

National Police Chiefs’ Council