Michael Buraimoh, Chief Executive, Breck Foundation

At Breck Foundation we have a proud history of supporting the annual Safer Internet Day. Although our organisation was born out of the tragic loss due to online grooming of 14-year-old Breck Bednar, in our work we embrace the power of technology and the internet to create positive experiences for young people. Nevertheless, we are committed to producing generations of internet savvy online tech users by working with policy makers, tech companies and the wider public to put young people’s online safety first and by working together with young people themselves to co-produce and co-deliver innovative programmes.

This year’s Safer Internet Day is another opportunity for us to draw attention to the important work that we and other like-minded organisations do. This year Breck Foundation has created impactful SEN resources – appropriate educational tools to empower the most vulnerable pupils to be safer online. I invite everyone with interest in young people’s digital resilience and online safety to engage with this and our other efforts and, beyond this, to become active partners with us in creating a more enriching online world for young people everywhere.