Nicki Lyons, Chief Corporate Affairs & Sustainability Officer, Vodafone UK

“At Vodafone, we see taking action to keep young people and children safe online as a priority. We began the Digital Parenting programme 11 years ago with the aim of helping parents, carers, and those responsible for a young person or child who is using tech, to have informed and effective conversations about how to do so safely.
It is about maximising opportunities online while minimising risk, and giving people up-to-date information about what their kids are up to online, what social media they use, games they play, and threats they might come across.
For Safer Internet Day 2023, we have launched Digital Parenting Pro, an interactive resource which provides information about what parental controls and safety settings are available across the most popular apps, games and devices. Whether it’s managing screen time limits, filtering out harmful content or simply understanding what the latest app or game is all about, our online safety experts have gathered all the facts in one easy place. Our ambition is for it to become the ‘go to’ resource when children are asking if they can use the latest platforms.”

Nicki Lyons

Vodafone UK