“The online world can be a wonderful thing and helps children realise a whole range of rights, like the right to education, to socialise, for recreation, and to access information. The digital world can support them to act as human rights defenders when they need to challenge when their rights are not respected. We have seen this in the incredible climate justice campaigning happening across the globe by children.  But it can have a darker side and can undoubtedly be harmful for children. If we want to inspire change, it’s crucial that children can access all the benefits of the internet while being protected from harm. 

“Children and young people do have worries about technological changes, such as AI and the stress of navigating information that can be deep faked, as well as misinformation. They should be empowered to recognise when something does not feel right, and should know where they can go to for support. Accessing information online from lots of different sources can help a child’s development but children tell us they do need support to navigate change online. Decision-makers must involve children in developments to ensure that they children rights are safe and protected online.”

Nicola Killean

Children and Young People’s Commissioner Scotland