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Additional Reports and Resources

Children’s online activities, risks and safety: A literature review by the UKCCIS Evidence Group

Report from the UKCCIS Evidence Group (October 2017)

Child online safety: Summary of recent research findings

Presentation by Sonia Livingstone and Julia Davidson at the Child Internet Safety Summit (11 July 2013)

Children's online activities - Risks and safety: A review of the UK evidence base

Report from UKCCIS Evidence Group (2012)

Identifying Vulnerable Children Online And What Strategies Can Help Them

Report from UKCCIS Evidence Group (2012)

Parents and Internet Safety

Report from HCI Discussion Groups (2009)
Department for Children, Schools and Families

The protection of children online: a brief scoping review to identify vulnerable groups

Munro (2011)
Childhood Wellbeing Research Centre

Children’s online risks and safety: A review of the available evidence

NFER (2010)
Commissioned by UKCCIS

Internet and Mobility: Youth Technology Trends 

Technology Trends Report
Funded by BT

UKCCIS Summit 2011 Presentation

Sonia Livingstone