Dear Film maker

Thank you for sharing your submission with us! This message confirms we have now received your video.

What will happen now:

  1. We will check your entry and the email address of the adult you gave us. 
  2. We will send them an email asking them to approve your video. (Tell the adult to check; junk/SPAM, or the ‘other’ inbox for emails from us.)
  3. Once they have approved it, we will review your submission. 
  4. If everything is fine, we will make your video live on the wall. 
  5. the adult will get an email to tell them if your video has been made live. 

If we need to ask you anything we will email the adults whose details you gave us.

Thanks for your interest and taking part in the Safer Internet Day 2023 video wall.

Best wishes,
The UK Safer Internet Centre team