Stan McCoy, President and Managing Director, MPA Europe, Middle East and Africa, MPA

“The MPA is delighted to support Childnet once again for Safer Internet Day, which has been celebrated annually since 2004. It’s such a vital initiative, not only advocating for protecting our young people online in our ever more digital world, but also helping to empower them to navigate it with ease and confidence.
This year’s theme is all about making space for young people’s voices, which resonated with both as a parent and a creative industry professional. Children are the future, the next generation of both storytellers and audience for film and TV, so enabling them to express themselves is fundamental to helping build their creativity. Bringing young people’s voices to the fore in shaping a safer online environment will further elevate that creative freedom. We must all play a role in championing a safer internet, so that together we can work to safeguard both children’s wellbeing and the health and viability of their future creative endeavours.”

Stan McCoy