The internet allows young people to build connections and relationships beyond their immediate community, helping them take their place on a global stage. However, it can also be a concern for young people as well as their parents and carers. This is why we are getting involved in Safer Internet Day 2024; a day that puts young people’s voices at the centre of the conversation and gives them a platform to shape the online safety support they receive.
Here at The Diana Award, we remain committed to providing young people with the tools to identify their own vulnerabilities online, as well as empowering them to take responsibility for their wellbeing whilst navigating change online. We are delighted to share that our recent survey, supported by Meta, showed that 97% of Diana Award-trained Anti-Bullying Ambassadors can keep themselves safe online, with a further 91% knowing how to support another student experiencing bullying behaviour online.

Tessy Ojo CBE

The Diana Award