Thank you

Thank you for supporting Safer Internet Day 2024 – here is your official certificate of support! You can edit this PDF to insert the name of your school, charity or organisation and then print and display.

How else can I get involved in Safer Internet Day?

Other than signing up as a supporter, there are a few other things you can be doing if you want the next chapter of Safer Internet Day to be bigger and better than ever.

Coming Soon: Educational resources

Are you planning to deliver educational sessions as part of your Safer Internet Day celebrations? Look no further than our educational resources, tailored for 3-18 year olds and are designed to put children and young people’s voices at the forefront of the campaign.

Coming Soon: Take a look at our films

We have created a range of Safer Internet Day films to help you deliver sessions for Safer Internet Day, whether you are a school, nursery, youth group, library, police service, or wider.