Safer Internet Day – 7th February 2023

Want to talk about it? Making space for conversations about life online.

Find out about the day!

This year we have created three separate quizzes, one for 7-11 year olds and for 11-14 year olds looking at situations young people may face online and the ways they can navigate these. There is also a quiz for 14-18 year olds looking at how they can help keep themselves and their friends safe online.
Take the quizzes now:

For Safer Internet Day 2023 all of our quizzes were co-created with young people. A huge thank you to the Childnet Digital Champions, Youth Advisory Board and Childnet Digital Leaders from Little Parndon Primary Academy for all of their hard work!

Take a look at our top tips and advice

Our brand new top tips are created for parents and carers as well as for young people. They provide information about how we can all start a conversation to make the internet a kinder and safer place for everyone.