1 Week To Go – Prepare For Safer Internet Day 2021

02 Feb 2021 Andy Robinson

With just one week to go until Safer Internet Day 2021, we are truly inspired by the amount of activities and celebrations that are planned for the 9th February 2021. From football clubs to banks, schools to businesses, people all across the country are helping to create a better internet this Safer Internet Day.

In this blog we want to give you a quick rundown on how you can get involved too.

7 things to do in the next 7 days:

  • Sign up as a supporter

By signing up as a supporter and telling us a bit more about your plans for the day you will appear on our map of the UK which demonstrates the fantastic range and scope of activities happening across the country! Without the amazing work of all of the Safer Internet Day supporters we wouldn’t be able to reach and inspire such a fantastic number of young people as a result of Safer Internet Day.

  • Register your interest in our GUINNESS WORLD RECORD™ attempt

The UK Safer Internet Centre and 2Simple are seeking the help of children and schools across the country to help break an official GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS ™ title for Safer Internet Day on Tuesday, 9th February. The title of the World Record attempt is ‘Most online pledges received for an internet safety campaign in 24 hours’. To find out more register your interest on our supporters registration form.

  • See our Remote learning adaptions

With many young people now learning remotely, we have produced four documents giving an overview of the exciting resources available. We have also created two pre-recorded assemblies for primary and secondary which you can share with your pupils to help them make a start on their Safer Internet Day celebrations. These resources have been designed to help all young people join in the celebrations for Safer Internet Day, wherever they are.

  • Watch the video content

Our Safer Internet Day films are engaging, short videos which aim to help young people delve deeper into their ideas around trust and reliability online. The films act as an extension of the education packs and as such aim to be conversation starters around the topic of reliability and trust online.

  • Test your online safety knowledge with our quiz

From checking headlines to spotting sponsored content, our Safer Internet Day quiz is designed to help young people test their online safety knowledge. Why not test out your own knowledge, or have a competition with your family to see who is the most online safety savvy.

  • Events happening across the UK

This Safer Internet Day we have a host of events happening throughout the UK, all of them talking about the theme of reliability online and online safety. Join us on the 9th of February and take part in our various remote sessions this Safer Internet Day.

  • Share this on Twitter

Why not show your support for Safer Internet Day on social media by sharing these posts? Any posts using #SaferInternetDay on Twitter will now also show the hashtag emoji!

  • #SaferInternetDay is on 9th February 2021! Want to know more about the day and how you can get involved? Why not check out the brand new films and remote learning resources from @UK_SIC! saferinternetday.org.uk
  • How do you know what to trust online? How can we work together to create #AnInternetWeTrust? Let’s discuss reliability online this #SaferInternetDay www.saferinternetday.org.uk @UK_SIC

Other key links for getting involved:

Register as a Safer Internet Day Supporter
Take the Safer Internet Day Quiz
Download and share the remote learning Education Packs
Watch the Safer Internet Day Films
Get involved using the Stakeholder social media guide
Take a look at our top tips for 3-7s , 7-11s, 11-18s, and parents and carers
Use the hashtags #SaferInternetDay and #AnInternetWeTrust on social media