A deep dive into the Safer Internet Day 2024 education resources

02 Feb 2024 Becca Cawthorne

Safer Internet Day 2024 is on Tuesday 6th February, to help you prepare for the day this blog takes a closer look at the free education resources you can use with the young people you work with.

What is this year’s theme?

Safer Internet Day is the UK’s biggest celebration of online safety, and the theme each year is chosen to reflect a current issue impacting children and young people online.

This year’s theme is, “Making a difference, managing influence, and navigating change online.”

The ideas explored in this theme include:

  • how technology has changed over time
  • using the internet to make change for the better
  • the things that can influence and change the way that young people think, feel, and act online and offline
  • perspectives around new and emerging technology, including generative AI

Who can use the education resources?

Anyone! The education resources are there to help educators and professionals – whether as part of a school, charity, youth group, police service, business, library or wider – to deliver engaging and interactive Safer Internet Day sessions. 

The activities will provide opportunities to hear from children and young people about their lives online; to better understand how they react to change, and the different ways that they’re influenced by what they see and hear. By understanding their perspectives and experiences, we can provide the very best support and advice. 

What’s included in the educational resources? 

Each pack includes:

  • An assembly to introduce the theme
  • 6 activities relating to different aspects of the theme, including a dedicated SEND activity
  • Full colour resources to display as well as printer-friendly versions
  • An information newsletter to share with parents and carers
  • Ideas for embedding online safety all year round
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Only have a few minutes spare?

If you work with ages:

  • 3-7, read Mo and Jaz’s Story. An interactive story that explores how changes online can make you feel.
  • 7-11, choose Tech through Time. This activity encourages learners to reflect on how advances in technology have improved our lives.
  • 11-14, complete VuCube. This activity is designed to help learners recognise and reflect on the different techniques online creators use to influence their thoughts, feelings and behaviour.
  • 14-16, work through the Ethical AI scenarios. This is a peer led activity that you can run with small groups. The activity looks at what could happen with AI in the future and is a chance to explore the issue of ethics.
  • 16-18, explore Is Eighteen the age of change? which considers how a person’s online experiences may change when they turn eighteen, including from a legal perspective.  

How can I get parents and carers involved

Share our brand new Safer Internet Day advice pages for Parents and Carers with your school community, where key topics related to the theme are answered – including, “Things change so fast online, it’s hard to keep up with what my child is doing,” and “I’m not sure if the content my child is watching is a good influence on them, what shall I do?” You’ll also find information on how to make a report online and further resources and advice about specific issues.

How else can I get involved in Safer Internet Day?

There are a few other things you can be doing if you want the next chapter of Safer Internet Day to be bigger and better than ever.

Register as a supporter

Join organisations from across the UK and register as a Safer Internet Day supporter. For inspiration, see what people across the UK are doing to celebrate Safer Internet Day 2024!

Take a look at our films

We have created a range of Safer Internet Day films to help you deliver sessions for Safer Internet Day, whether you are a school, nursery, youth group, library, police service, or wider. 

Get involved on social media

This pack is designed to help your organisation celebrate the day on social media. The social media pack includes information about the theme, as well as ways you can join the conversation on 6th February.

Safer Internet Day is made possible thanks to kind support from industry partners:

To see the full list of our partners visit saferinternetday.org.uk

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