#AnInternetWeTrust on social media

19 Nov 2020 Becca Cawthorne

This Safer Internet Day we are encouraging everyone to think about reliability and trust online. What do the young people you work with feel they can do to create #AnInternetWeTrust? What do they think others can do – social media and gaming companies, government, teachers or their classmates? Use the template to explore how we can all work together to question the online world and challenge ourselves and the people and apps we interact with online to change the internet for the better.

How to use the template:

Customise our Safer Internet Day social media template and share what your learners create.They could fill the magnifying glass with their ideas about how we can create #AnInternetWeTrust. This could be:
● Questions to ask when you are looking at information online, for example: Who wrote this? Why was it written?
● Words or questions we can ask to help us spot if something is reliable online.
● Illustrations of what a better, more trustworthy internet could look like. Or images of online clues that may make something seem less reliable or trustworthy.
● Pledges of what they will do to help create a more trustworthy internet, such as, “I will only share things I have checked are true” or “I will support my friends if fake news upsets them.”
● They can also fill in the #AnInternetWeTrust hashtag template in any way they like!
Take a photo of the decorated templates (with learners and educators too!) and share on your organisation’s or school’s social media accounts with the hashtags #AnInternetWeTrust
and #SaferInternetDay, as well as tagging @UK_SIC. We would also love to see how you have used the templates to create a display in your setting!

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