31 Jan 2019 Danielle Antha

Javed Khan, Chief Executive, Barnardo’s:

“The internet has transformed how young people learn, socialise and communicate – generating fantastic new opportunities. But sadly the online work also brings new dangers – including online grooming, cyber-bullying and gaming addiction.

 We all have a role to play in making the internet a safer place for children. The Government and tech giants need to work together to protect children from harmful content. And schools, parents and carers can support young people to make safe choices online, and to understand what is and isn’t safe to share on social media.

Barnardo’s has long provided advice and guidance to the vulnerable young people we support through our UK-wide specialist services, an increasing number of whom have experienced harm online.

We’re delighted to be supporting Safer Internet Day once again and welcome its contribution to ensuring that child online safety stays at the heart of public debate.”

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