31 Jan 2017 Becca Cawthorne

David Austin, Chief Executive, BBFC:

“Children are increasingly enjoying and exploring content online, be it films, TV programmes or music videos. Ensuring children are protected online and providing them with the tools they need to make informed, age appropriate decisions about what they watch, is at the heart of the BBFC’s work. We also work with Mobile Network Operators to ensure their filters keep children protected from online content accessed on mobile devices that we would age rate as only suitable for adults. It is very encouraging to see children working together to help make the internet a positive and safe place for them to watch, share, enjoy and create content. Supporting Safer Internet Day is a fantastic way to highlight the work being done by organisations, and by children, to ensure the internet is a positive and safe environment for children. We will be encouraging children and their parents to access our CBBFC website to see child-friendly BBFC insight, and reminding parents to download our free BBFC app, to ensure they have access to age ratings and BBFCinsight guidance for the films and VOD content they want to watch online.”

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