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01 Feb 2019 Danielle Antha

Lorin LaFave, Founder and Head of Education and External Affairs, Breck Foundation:

“For Safer Internet Day 2019 we are truly working “Together for a Better Internet”.  The time could not be more right to finally get regulation where children work and play on the Internet.  Only together can we keep children safer online through education, empowerment, digital resilience and governance.  Breck Foundation will be speaking at lunchtime in the offices of Yoti in The City with employees as well as parents who work in the area.   We also welcome schools and families to participate in a NoTech4Breck Day in February to spend time together discussing the issues faced online, to think about whether we have cyber balance in our own lives, and to talk about ways in which we can support each other in our quest to ensure children enjoy their online world safely.  

Breck Foundation look forward to Safer Internet Day 2019 and working together to create a Safer Internet for all.”

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