Children's Commissioner for England

31 Jan 2019 Danielle Antha

Children’s Commissioner for England, Anne Longfield:

“The internet remains a fantastic resource for children, and can provide limitless positive experiences for them. However as a reflection of real life the internet still has some dark corners and spaces that are simply not appropriate or safe for children. On this Safer Internet Day I want the many platforms that have grown immensely rich and powerful over the last decade to redouble their efforts to seriously tackle inappropriate or harmful content, and to do so quicker and with more transparency. The ball is now firmly in their court as children, parents and many others have become only too aware that what is being done by social media companies and others in the field currently does not go far enough. They have the power to create fantastic user experiences, they have the responsibility and expertise to eliminate harmful ones. The desire to produce the former must never come at the expense of the latter.”

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