Facebook Launch Parents Portal

19 Dec 2016 Becca Cawthorne

Facebook have launched a new advice area, the Parents Portal. This portal is designed to help parents make the most out of their Facebook account, whilst also giving tips and information on how to keep themselves and their children safe online.

The portal has advice broken down into three sections, allowing parents to easily find the information they need. These sections are:

This area gives a beginner’s guide to Facebook. It provides information on how to sign up, find friends, post and share. It also gives an explanation of Facebook’s policies and tools, as well as some best practice tips.

The Facebook parenting tips look at how to have a conversation with your child about online safety. This covers areas such as setting a good example and talking to your child about how to act online..

The portal signposts to different organisations and online safety experts from across the world who provide safety resources for parents. The parents and carers section of our website is one of the many expert organisations listed here that you can go to for advice.

The full Parents Portal can be found at www.facebook.com/safety/parents.

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