Film for 7-11 year olds

16 Dec 2016 Louiza Youlzari

Watch and download our film to celebrate Safer Internet Day 2017 with 7-11 year olds.  

This film complements the Education Packs for ages 7-11 and will help start conversations about images and videos online with young people. We hope you enjoy it!

The bigger picture

The film looks at the power of images online – how an image can create an impression and how often there is more than meets the eye in an image. How sometimes you can judge an image by seeing just a part of it and so the importance of taking in the whole, bigger, picture. 
We would like to thank the staff and children at White Rock Primary school in Paignton for taking part in the film.

View on YouTube (subtitles available in English) or download this film (option to save the film should come up when you start playing it or you can right click on the link and Save Link As which will allow you to save the film as an mp4 file). 

Now available in British Sign Language: YouTube / Vimeo

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