Find out more about Digiduck for World Book Day 2020

05 Mar 2020 Becca Cawthorne

World Book Day is on Thursday 5th March 2020 – the day a celebration of reading that’s recognised in over 100 countries worldwide. World Book Day provides the opportunity for adults and children of all ages to come together and appreciate the joys that sharing a book can bring.

Childnet, partner in the UK Safer Internet Centre, currently have two books in their Digiduck series, and we’re excited to say that the third story, Digiduck’s Safari Adventure, is coming very soon! On Digiduck’s resource page you’ll find online and downloadable versions of the stories, and links to the app, translations and printed copies.

For World Book Day 2020, we asked author and creator Lindsay Buck the following questions…

Where did the idea for the Digiduck series come from?

Initially, I wanted to create a story that would get children thinking about their use of the internet and technology, and get parents, carers and educators talking about it with them in a natural way. After finishing Digiduck’s Big Decision, I realised that Digiduck could show children how to navigate other challenges that they might encounter, and so each subsequent book was written to introduce and address a different area of online safety, or behaviour.

How do you choose your characters?

I love animals, and ducks have always been a favourite of mine! Digiduck’s classmates are mostly farmyard based, but choosing the ‘celebrities’ in Digiduck’s Famous Friend was a really fun way to include a wider variety. I always ensure an equal mix of female and male characters, and I still have a few more animals up my sleeve to introduce!

How long does it take you to write a book?

It’s usually something that happens in bursts. I might write an early draft over the course of a week, but then revisit it on many occasions – for reading, rewriting, and fine tuning, as and when I’m feeling inspired! Writing as part of my job for Childnet means that I don’t have a specific time frame to follow, which gives me the freedom to create something then return to it later with fresh ideas and improvements.

What children’s picture books were your favourite growing up?

There are so many that I could list. Fortunately, with two children at home, I still get to enjoy them every day. To name a few, I love… the vibrant colours in the Meg and Mog series, the amazing rhyme in The Highway Rat and Room on the Broom, the Very Hungry Caterpillar’s rampage through all the sweets, the resilience and kindness of Zachary Quack in the Hairy Maclary series, and the way the animals rally together and hatch their plan to help Farmer Duck!

Our Digiduck stories contain advice pages for parents and carers, providing a small snapshot of the detailed advice available on the Childnet website. There are dedicated pages for young peopleparents, carers, and educators. Why not create a family agreement for your internet use at home, or familiarise yourself with the latest online trends and Hot Topics? Finally, if your children or pupils have dressed as Digiduck for World Book Day then please share your photos with us!

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