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31 Oct 2017 Becca Cawthorne

From privacy to parental controls – resources for parents and carers who want to know more about gaming.

Online gaming- an introduction for parents and carers

Our free leaflet Online gaming – an introduction for parents and carers provides information and advice to help support young people to enjoy online games positively and safely.

This leaflet explores what online gaming is and provides a wealth of safety advice.

The leaflet includes:

  • How and where to play online games
  • The risks of online games
  • Online gaming top tips
  • The SMART rules
  • FAQs about online gaming
  • Links to support and further information

Gaming Hot Topic

Childnet’s ‘gaming hot topic’ looks at some FAQs that parents and carers may have about online gaming, the newest features in modern gaming (including virtual reality and augmented reality), as well as some top tips for safer online gaming. 

Parents’ Guide to Technology

The Parents’ Guide to Technology on the UK Safer Internet Centre website provides information and advice on features, settings and safety tools (such as parental controls) for some of the most commonly used games devices. these includes:

This also includes a Shoppers’ Checklist for Parents considering a new gaming device for their family.

Ask About Games

AskAboutGames is a joint venture between the VSC Rating Board and games trade body Ukie, run with input and advice from across the games industry. If you have a question about age ratings, or want to discover the best games to play yourself or with your family, AskAboutGames is here to help. Their two minute Video Game Guides also provide information about the content in some of the most popular games.

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