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20 Jan 2017 Becca Cawthorne

Get involved in the Safer Internet Day social media campaign by tweeting using the hashtag #SID2017 and tagging us (@UK_SIC).

Join the Safer Internet Day Thunderclap  to kick start a day of trending and everyone is encouraged to share positive messages to show their support for Safer Internet Day and to help inspire a better internet.

This year we want you to give the internet a smile through our #giveasmile campaign. You can post a smiley selfie or fill in our specially designed emoji.

You can also join our internet safety emoji charades game. We will posting our internet safety tips through emojis and want you to join in the fun. Find out about how you can get involved in emoji charades on Safer Internet Day!

Give a smile

On 7th February 2017 we’re encouraging everyone to make the internet a better place and #giveasmile for Safer Internet Day!

To do this we are asking schools, organisations and individuals to ‘Be the Change’ and help make the internet smile by posting a smiley selfie or emoji!

Whether it’s a positive message in our specially designed emoji, a post filled with smiling emojis, or something more creative, there are lots of ways you can get involved in the #giveasmile campaign. You can:

  • Fill our #giveasmile template with your own message and share it on social media: We’ve created our own emoji templates which can be filled with tips and advice for creating a better internet or with positive comments. Download our emoji template here in colour or greyscale. You can also download it here in Welsh.
  • Post a selfie of you smiling, or smiling with someone else and send it someone to make them smile!
  • Get creative and make your own emoji out of anything you want, including objects and people!
  • Post a smiley emoji on social media to show your support for Safer Internet Day

Emoji charades

We want you to join in with an internet-wide game of Emoji Charades!

Can you share your top internet safety tips only using emojis?

How to get involved:

  • Think of your top tips for making the internet a better place
  • Translate them into emojis!
  • Share on social media using #SID2017 and @UK_SIC


Last year our Thunderclap reached 4 million people and we want Safer Internet Day 2017 to be even bigger.

Sign up to the Thunderclap and help us get the message of a safer and better internet out to as many people as possible!

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