Livestreaming – New Hot Topic for young people

31 Aug 2017 Becca Cawthorne
Livestreaming statistics

Livestreaming services only became widely available in the last year, but since their creation they have been used by a variety of people. Young people livestream to communicate with friends, vloggers and celebrities livestream to communicate with their fans, and some news channels use livestreaming as a way to report breaking news.

Following this research Childnet has created a livestreaming ‘Hot Topic’ which has advice for any young people wanting to watch livestreams or ‘go live’ themselves.

This advice revolves around young people being proactive in keeping themselves safe whilst livestreaming.

Caroline Hurst, Childnet’s Education and Training Manager said.

“Livestreaming is an exciting way for young people to stream their own videos live, and watch others livestream too. Something everyone who livestreams need to be mindful of, is to make sure they aren’t sharing personal information with viewers who are potential strangers online.”

Find out more information about the livestreaming research on the Childnet Blog.

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