31 Jan 2017 Becca Cawthorne

Chris Keates, General Secretary, NASUWT:

“Technology has transformed the learning experiences of many children and young people and made significant improvements to the working lives and practices of many teachers. When used appropriately the benefits can be enormous. However, the abuse and misuse of technology has blighted too many lives, adversely affecting health, welfare and well-being. As the largest teachers’ union in the UK, the NASUWT has led, for many years, the campaign to protect all teachers, school leaders, children and young people from cyberbullying and women and girls from sexual harassment on-line. Our advice, support and training continue to make a significant contribution to creating safer workplaces and learning environments. The NASUWT is pleased, therefore, to add its support to Safer Internet Day, which is an excellent opportunity to highlight all of the positive benefits of technology while raising awareness of the dangers by highlighting to teachers and school leaders the NASUWT’s guidance for staying safe on line.” 

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