New resources for 3-18 year olds looking at consent online for Safer Internet Day!

07 Nov 2018 Becca Cawthorne

The UK Safer Internet Centre has created a range of new educational resources to support educators for Safer Internet Day 2019 which is taking place on Tuesday, 5th February

Free to download, these engaging resources are tailored for 3-18 year olds and looks at the topic of consent online, and the ways that we ask for, give and receive permission on the internet.

Safer Internet Day reached 45% of young people in the UK last year. Following the day, our survey of teachers found that 95% of those who used the Education Packs said that the day encouraged conversations about the safe use of the internet between teachers and pupils, with 41% saying it led to disclosures of potential online safeguarding issues.

The Education Packs were used by professionals working with young people across the country, with educators saying that they helped their pupils to engage in online safety:

‘’Children continued their discussions of their own online experiences during playtimes and in class time, as well as talking to their parents/carers about it. (…) the resources were great and it is good to have a whole-school focus for the day.’’ – Primary  school teacher

What is covered in the Education Packs?

Tailored for each key stage, the Education Packs include lesson plans, assemblies, posters, and other quick activities to engage young people in Safer Internet Day.  

There are 4 education packs for young people, a pack for parents and carers, and a pack to support educators, all of which are available in English and Welsh. Each pack has its own age appropriate content and theme:

The pack for 3-7s includes a lesson plan for 3-5s and for 5-7s using interactive and imaginative activities that explore the concept of the internet and our choices, as well as a brand new story which tells the tale of two friends who work together to make good choices online.

The pack for 7-11s explores what consent looks like online, with a creative drama activity to help children understand what it feels like to be offered a choice.

The pack for 11-14s is filled with discussion starters, practical activities, and real-life examples. This pack explores the difference between active and passive consent and the situations online where each is used.

The pack for 14-18s provides videos that give top tips about online consent, and lots of activities to look at the tricky issue of consent online whether it be between friends or with companies and their use of our data. 

The pack for parents and carers includes activities, conversation starters and information to help parents and carers talk to their children about how to navigate the issue of consent in a digital age in a safe, responsible and respectful way.

The creation of these education packs was supported by Oath, and the translation of the packs was completed with support from the Welsh Government.

The pack for educators includes ideas for getting the most out of the Safer Internet Day packs and supporting young people with the issue of consent in a digital age, as well as advice on handling disclosures about online risk. This pack includes:

  • A guide to celebrating Safer Internet Day in your education setting
  • Information about handling disclosures and sensitive topics
  • Advice for talking to the press about your Safer Internet Day activities
  • Information about how you can spread the word of Safer Internet Day even further

Each of the Education Packs also has an accompanying SID TV educational film, which is designed to complement the lessons and learning objective in each pack. These will be launching very soon!

You can help make Safer Internet Day 2019 the biggest yet!

Last year Safer Internet Day reached 45% of young people in the UK, and 30% of UK parents, and this year we want to reach even more! To help us do this, visit where you will be able to:

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