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17 Oct 2016 Becca Cawthorne

Last week we launched a brand new UK Safer Internet Centre Website!

All of our fantastic resources are still there as well as links to our all-important services – the Advice Centre, Hotline and Helpline.

Our Safer Internet Day 2017 pages will keep bringing you more information about the day and you can find out more about what happened in previous years too.

Alongside this you will also find some great new features including a brand new events page where we have listed our up and coming Online Safety Live events taking place across the country.

The same great resources

Although the website may have a new look it still contains all the great e-safety tips, advice and resources that help children and young people stay safe online. These include:

  • Advice Centre: This includes the latest tips, advice and resources to help children and young people have a safe and positive time online. With advice for parents and carers, young people, teachers and professionals, and foster carers, adoptive parents and social workers.
  • Helpline: The Professionals Online Safety Helpline was set up in 2011 to help the children’s workforce with online safety issues. It supports all professionals working with children and young people, the issues covered include privacy, online reputation, gaming, grooming, cyberbullying, sexting, fraud, unsolicited content, inappropriate behaviour on social media, extortion, illegal content, online rationalization, eating disorders, self-harm, online harassment and other concerns linked to the internet.
  • Hotline: The Hotline is run by the Internet Watch Foundation and is an anonymous and safe place to report online child sexual abuse imagery and videos, wherever they are found in the world. This content can be reported on the IWF website.
  • Research: The UKCCIS Evidence Group provides UKCCIS with a timely, critical and rigorous account of the relevant research. The Research Highlights Series overviews new findings as they become available. 
  • Blog: Our blog keeps you up to date with the latest e-safety news and trends.

New Features

The new site is easy to navigate and use. With some great new areas that we think you’re going to love.

This is a programme of events designed exclusively for professionals working with children and young people in the UK. These events are engaging, informative and best of all are free to attend. 

The events are two hours long and cover a broad range of online safety topics.

At the end of each session the attendees will receive access to an online resource area containing links to all the materials mentioned, signposting to sources of help and support as well as a live copy of the presentation itself.

Last year over a thousand organisations from right across the UK played their part for a better internet on Safer Internet Day. This area allows you to register your support for Safer Internet Day 2017 which falls on the 17th February. The process of registering support is simple, you just need to upload a photo and some information about your organisation or school and then tell us a little bit about your plans for Safer Internet Day 2017.

Take a look around the website at

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