Picture This – drama resource about sexting Updated for 2018

11 Apr 2018 Becca Cawthorne

Educators can now access the updated version of our educational resource looking at issues around sexting.

Created as part of Childnet’s work in the UK Safer Internet Centre, Picture This is a practical educational sexting resource that addresses and questions the sensitive issue of sexting with 11-16 year olds. By asking young people to step into the shoes of the characters within Picture This, they explore the impact and consequence of sexting and are encouraged to contemplate their online behaviour.

Updated for a 2018 audience, and released in time for the summer term, the play script and accompanying lesson plans within Picture This have been designed to use as either a classroom discussion activity or performed as a larger scheme of work for a peer led project.

Research from Project deSHAME in 2017 found that 14% of young people aged 13-17 said they had sent nude or nearly nude images of themselves to a boyfriend/girlfriend. In 2017 research by the UK safer Internet Centre revealed that out of 1,500 13-17 year olds surveyed,  almost half (45%) of have seen nude or nearly nude photos of someone they know being shared around their school or local community. This highlights the need for a practical way of talking about the issues and consequences surrounding sexting.

What’s included in the update?

The Picture This resource pack comprises of a 25 minute play script, supporting lesson plans and lesson guidance films. The new pack includes:

  • Updated play script and lesson plans
  • Updated information about the law on sexting
  • Guidance for educators on how to deal with disclosures
  • Short guidance films to show you how to run each lesson

We have also included three suggested endings for practitioners to work on with their pupils in order to finalise the play and decide what the outcome could be. This addition will encourage young people to decide how the characters should behave and choose that vital next step.

When dealing with difficult subjects, role play can be an effective teaching tool and distancing technique to educate about critical thinking, empathy and to ultimately rethink behaviour.

Whether you decide to use Picture This as a classroom resource or a performance piece, it will help your pupils to research, dissect and understand what sexting is truly about and to consider their own online actions.

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