Primary Digital Leaders give their thoughts on Safer Internet Day 2018

13 Mar 2018 Becca Cawthorne

This Safer Internet Day a group of young people from across the UK were invited to the Safer Internet Day youth event in London. At this event the young people were able to take part in activities, present in the auditorium to guests, meet industry stakeholders and much more.

 Childnet Digital Leaders from Marner Primary School, one of the schools who attended the event, told us what they thought of the day:

First we did a quiz about internet there were questions like what kind of advice would you give to younger children about the internet?


At first, when we arrived, I thought it was going to be boring but I had lots of fun. My confidence has definitely grown. I was talking to people I had never seen before. I met the minister of digital culture and we told her stuff that we knew about. I told her that I think you should be at least 13 years old to use social media. My best bit was showing adults around.


When I went on my trip to safer internet day it was awesome. I was worried at first but there was no point because we were all creative and had our own ideas. We got used to each other and even faced our fears by standing on stage while being recorded saying our speeches which we made with only 1 rehearsal and this was a massive success. Some of the things we did were having a little chat about what you would do if you angry friend texts you saying a bad comment.                                                                          


When we arrived, we were given a space to put our things in like our coats and bags. Our first activity was about socializing with each, also known as getting to know each other. So we were given scenarios and we had to turn to the closest person to ourselves and talk about our opinions.

That was just a warm up. After the activity, Ellie, the person who was in charge of the activities, explained what areas of online safety the activities were based on. The big event was in the auditorium but first we had split into four groups : Industry, Schools, Parents/Carers, Young People. We had to plan what we were meant to say. We had a rehearsal and it went well . Later in the day, we preformed to over 160 people about internet safety. My favourite part of the trip was the microphone box being thrown around and when you catch it you must speak into the cross on the soft part. We were very lucky to have such a wonderful experience.


Thank you Ellie for picking Marner Primary school to come to BT. I never knew I had great ideas to tell the visitors. I liked it when the visitors came and said their ideas to me because I learnt something that I had no idea about. All the 4 school came together and watched a video about a man that rapped about the internet. When everyone came, we got split into groups and working together as groups and sharing our ideas was so fun.


My thoughts and what we did in SID 2018!

I really liked the event because it was fun and we met people from different companies. We were on stage in front of many people [I was nervous!] We also were in charge as tour guides and we ran activities. We worked with four schools. At first I was nervous but then I was excited! We focused on a question but in four parts [ I was in parents and carers] the question was: How do you show respect and empathy online? As a parent or carer you should have a lot of time with your child about online and how to show respect and empathy online.


I really liked when we were inviting guests to our activity and showing them where everything is. When we were writing notes about our speech on the auditorium, I felt quite nervous because I didn’t know what to say. Our teacher for that day “Tom” inspired me to not be nervous. On the test run, I said only 2 notes into a sentence, but when all the guests were there, I had to be brave. I mostly enjoyed inviting guests and play with the BeeBot activity.

(Note): Thanks for giving us goody bags!

-From Tanim 

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