Safer Internet Day 2021 – Everything you need to get involved

08 Feb 2021 Becca Cawthorne

Tomorrow is Safer Internet Day and we are so excited about the huge range of activities that will be taking place up and down the country to celebrate!

Celebrated globally and coordinated in the UK by the UK Safer Internet Centre, Safer Internet Day is a great opportunity to talk to your family and friends about the safe, responsible and positive use of technology, and to pledge how you will help to create a kinder online community. 

Across the day, a range of exciting activities are taking place, from virtual events to our #AnInternetWeTrust social media campaign. Over 1,700 organisations across the UK are getting involved in supporting the day, with schools and youth groups using our Education Packs and Safer Internet Day Films to engage children and young people, as well as specific resources for parents and carers. We are also launching our Guinness World Records™ Attempt.

Safer Internet Day – 9th February 2021

Tomorrow is a unique opportunity for all of us to show how through our collective efforts we can help create a better internet for all.

How you can get involved:

Register as a supporter

Today is your last chance to register as a supporter and showcase how you are getting involved.

Simply complete our online registration form and you will be displayed on the Safer Internet Day supporters map.

Join the conversation on social media:

Using the hashtags #SaferInternetDay and #AnInternetWeTrust – join the global conversation and see what other schools, organisations, charities and more are doing to celebrate Safer Internet Day!

You can also download the social media pack with all of the graphics and tweets you need to help us to spread the word.

We also need your help to start the conversation on Twitter! Please help us to start Safer Internet Day by scheduling the below to go out from your account at 8am on the 9th February:

Let’s create an internet where we are # AnInternetWeTrust:

Use the template and fill it with your ideas for how to create #AnInternetWeTrust. Whether that is by drawing what a better internet should look like or pledges of what you can do to help create a more inclusive internet.  Share these on twitter using the hashtag #freetobe and tagging @UK_SIC.

*Teachers – if you are using this activity with your class then please tweet us pictures from your official school account and ensure you have media consent for any children involved*

Using the remote learning resources, films, quiz and activities

For Safer internet Day we have created some free resources to help schools, youth groups, police services, libraries and wider run activities for Safer Internet Day, whether working remotely or in person. These include:

Events happening across the UK 

This Safer Internet Day we have a host of events happening throughout the UK, all of them talking about the theme of reliability online and online safety. To make sure you know where to be on the day, we have put together a schedule of events that outlines what event is happening, where it’s taking place and at what time. Join us on the 9th of February and take part in our various remote sessions this Safer Internet Day.

Join live lessons

You can also join the Safer Internet Day BBC Live Lesson tomorrow at 11am! This 30-minute Live Lesson is aimed at primary-aged students and linked to the primary computing curriculum, we learn about how we can stay safe, responsible and wise in an increasingly digital world, with tips and advice from some of the biggest personalities on the web.

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