Safer Internet Day 2021 Top Tips for 7-11s

14 Dec 2020 Becca Cawthorne

Safer Internet Day 2021 is being celebrated around the world on Tuesday 9th February 2021.

The global theme is ‘together for a better internet’ and this year in the UK we are putting the focus on how young people can tell fact from fiction, and work together to create an internet we trust. 

Everyone has their part to play in making the internet a better place, including you! 

These top tips were created around the theme of Reliability Online for Safer Internet Day 2021. For more tops tips, resources and activities for 7-11s visit our advice centre.

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Have a look at the tips and links below with some suggestions on how to get you started and help you to stay safe and positive online:

Do your research

Question, evaluate and reflect on the online content you see….

Remember that not everything online is always what it seems. Information, photos and even videos can be edited, faked or may have more than one motive – like trying to get you to spend money or share your personal information. If something seems odd, or you haven’t heard about it before, it’s best to do a bit more research.

Check and double-check

Use other websites and sources to fact-check online information…

Luckily there’s lots of ways to check whether things are trustworthy online. Most importantly look at more than one source – this could include other webpages, videos or offline sources like books and newspapers. Remember there are lots of adults who can support you too – like parents, other family members and teachers.

Stay safe online

Don’t share your personal details or trust strangers online…

There are some simple actions we can take to help keep everyone safe online – like not sharing personal information. Remember that other people online may not always be who they appear to be, so be sure to check with an adult if you are ever unsure about what to share or who you are chatting to online.

Take positive action

Help make the internet a more trustworthy and respectful place…

Remember that the online world is for everyone so always treat others with respect. If you see anything online that worries or upsets you, use the block and report buttons to take positive action to stop it and tell an adult what’s happened. By working together, we can make the internet a better, more respectful and more trustworthy place.

Make a difference!

List the apps and websites you know that feature reliable information…

The internet is amazing – there’s so much to see, do and learn! If you are ever unsure about something then ask an adult that you trust for some help and advice. Why not make a list together of your favourite apps and websites, including the ones you think are most trustworthy?

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