Safer Internet Day 2024 reaches over half of young people in the UK – Impact report shows

10 May 2024 Becca Cawthorne

Safer Internet Day 2024 reached more young people than ever before, with 53% of UK children aged 8-17 hearing about the day, alongside 32% of UK parents and carers.

Our impact report looks at the reach of Safer Internet Day 2024 and the positive impact that it had on children, young people, parents, carers, and teachers.

The theme of Safer Internet Day this year was: Inspiring change? Making a difference, managing influence and navigating change online. It was so inspiring to see schools and organsiations embrace this theme of change, as can be seen through some of the key statistics of the day:

  • Over 1.6 million views of Safer Internet Day Films
  • Over 96,000 downloads of Education Resources
  • The #SaferInternetDay hashtag trended at no.1 throughout the day on X
  • Over 25,000 young people tested their knowledge with our online quiz
  • Media reach of 600 million people, with over 2,000 pieces of coverage

 What happened on the day?

There were plans all across the UK to celebrate Safer Internet Day 2024, and we saw so many schools, youth groups, and orgnaisations share their celebrations on social media. This resulted in:

  • #SaferInternetDay trended at no.1 throughout the day on X, with thousands of tweets using the #SaferInternetDay hashtag
  • Over 25,000 young people tested their online safety knowledge with our quizzes
  • Over 1.6 million views of our Safer Internet Day films for educators, young people, parents and carers
  • 2,434 pieces of media coverage, with over 600 million opportunities to see Safer Internet Day in the media

What impact did the day have in schools?

We saw schools across the country taking part in Safer Internet Day celebrations in lessons and assemblies. We asked teachers who were involved in the day about the impact this had and found:

  • 95% said that students feel more confident about staying safe online
  • 85% said the resources helped to reinforce student learning
  • 73% said staff to feel more confident about dealing with online safety issues as a result of Safer Internet Day
  • 53% of teachers said the day led to disclosures about potential safeguarding issues online

Read the full impact report to fins our mote about the impact Safer Internet Day 2024 had in schools, settings and organisations across the UK.

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