Safer Internet Day tips and advice pages

01 Feb 2017 Becca Cawthorne

Today the UK Safer Internet Centre launched the tips and advice pages for Safer Internet Day 2017.

These pages contain tips, advice and resources to help to help families to enjoy technology together and stay safe and positive online.

Tips for children and young people

These pages include top tips about being sensible online and promote critical thinking skills to tie in with this year’s Safer Internet Day theme; the power of images. The advice pages include tips for children and young people, split into age appropriate sections.

For children under 11 – top tips and films around what to do if they see something that upsets them online, keeping personal information private and staying safe.

For 11-18 year olds – Tips, advice and films on being positive and creating change online, managing their digital footprint and online reputation, critical thinking and staying safe.

Tips and advice for parents and carers

There are also top tips and advice for parents and carers. These tips are a great way to ensure that parents are supporting their children and giving them the tools to stay safe and positive online.

The tips for parents highlight the importance of being involved in a child’s online life and tips for starting a conversation about online safety.

All of the top tips can be found on the Safer Internet Day 2017 landing page. 

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