South West Grid for Learning and GDPR in Schools played active role on DfE GDPR Stakeholder Group

23 Apr 2018 Becca Cawthorne

DfE Publishes GDPR Toolkit for Schools

To mark today’s launch of the Department for Education’s GDPR Toolkit for Schools, SWGfL ,a partner in the UK Safer Internet Centre, and GDPR in Schools, who both helped with its development, have today entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU).

With the implementation of GDPR just weeks away the toolkit will offer schools valuable advice and guidance on ensuring they are able to comply with the new regulation.

“It is true that no two schools will be the same in how they comply with the requirements. This toolkit is intended to support schools in developing the policies and processes that are right for them. It has been developed by the Department for Education (DfE) working in collaboration with schools, multi-academy trusts (MATs), local authorities (LAs), system suppliers, GDPR support providers and the Information Commissioners Office (ICO).” Department for Education, GDPR Toolkit

The release of the toolkit is a credit to the commitment of all involved and both SWGfL and GDPR in Schools have worked hard to ensure schools can feel safe in the knowledge that the information and guidance available to them is accurate.

Talking about GDPR in Schools’ contribution, Lynne Taylor, CEO of GDPR in Schools, commented “We are proud to be part of the group helping the DfE create the GDPR Toolkit for Schools. Like the South West Grid for Learning, we passionately believe that the GDPR initiative in schools will strengthen existing good practices in data protection by enhancing already sound procedures and methods”.

 The two organisations have signed the MoU to reflect a close working partnership between SWGfL and GDPR in Schools and to ensure that both SWGfL’s 360Data and GDPR in Schools’ GDPRiS platforms align closely to the materials within the DfE Toolkit.

Andrew Williams, SWGfL Online Safety Consultant and Data Protection specialist said:

“This formally brings together two organisations that are at the forefront of readying education settings for the new GDPR legislation that will soon come into effect.

“The partnership has many benefits including having access to shared resources and expertise. The MOU recognises the importance of building on this collaborative approach that strengthens both organisations and enables us to better help schools ensure they meet the new data protection regulations.”

Tony Sheppard, Operations Manager for GDPR in Schools, stated,

“This MOU has fostered a closer working partnership, bringing together a depth of experience and understanding of schools. By benchmarking our platforms together, we have been able to see where we truly complement each other.

“SWGfL’s 360Data gives schools clear support as they build their confidence in the use and management of data and when combined with our supplier data maps and audit records, truly gives schools a comprehensive picture of their growing maturity and ability to demonstrate both compliance and how they support their staff, parents and, most importantly, children with how data is collected and used.”

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