The new PSHE Toolkit – 7 key facts

24 Nov 2016 Becca Cawthorne

The new PSHE toolkit has been created with support from the Government Equalities Office and the European Commission as part of Childnet’s work as part of the UK Safer Internet Centre.

The new PSHE toolkit, Crossing the Line, offers teachers comprehensive PSHE lessons plans exploring the issues of cyberbullying, sexting, self-esteem, and peer pressure.  The toolkit contains 4 films, accompanying lesson plans, teacher’s guidance and worksheets for each of the four topics covered.

What else do you need to know about the PSHE toolkit?

1. Adaptable lesson plans

Each of the four lesson plans are fully adaptable and can be changed to suit your school’s timetable. The starter, film and follow on discussions are structured to take 20 minutes, with a set of follow on activities which can either fit into the same lesson, time permitting, or can be taught in subsequent lessons.

2. BBFC rated

All of the films in the toolkit have their own BBFC rating. This means that you can be confident in the knowledge that the content of the films is appropriate for the age group in your class.

3. Specialist guidance

Included within the toolkit is expert guidance from our Education Team and specialist organisations who fed into the resource. For example, our first film ‘Gone Too Far’ touches upon cyberbullying and LGBT issues. Within the toolkit you can find guidance on the law relating to cyberbullying and guidance from Stonewall on LGBT issues.

4. Differentiated work sheets

Where necessary we have provided differentiated worksheets to ensure each activity is accessible to all students. We have created the resource under a creative commons licence and any changes can be made to suit students’ needs providing they are shared under the same licence.

5. Suitable for KS2

Although this toolkit is primarily aimed at a KS3 audience we have ensured some activities are suitable for upper KS2 students. As part of our pilot we asked a range of teachers from primary and secondary schools to review the content. We hope that this, combined with the BBFC ratings, KS2 teachers will feel confident in using the resource.

6. Stimulates discussion

The Toolkit is designed to stimulate discussion in your class about online behaviour and what may ‘Cross the Line’. This is done through the four films and follow up discussion questions as well as through the range of activities which focus on the use of social media and online behaviour.

7. PSHE Accredited

The toolkit was rigorously assessed by one of The PSHE Association’s subject leads. The toolkit was assessed against thirteen principles of effective PSHE education and achieved the PSHE Association Quality Mark.

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