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30 Jul 2020 Becca Cawthorne

During lockdown over 130 young people across the UK got creative and made short films to inspire their peers to stay safe online and make the most of the internet. In this blog, we take a closer look at these films and the young people who created them.

With over 100 entries across the solo, group and storyboard categories, this year has seen young people create an amazing variety of films ranging from news reports to animations. The theme for this year’s competition was, ‘We want an internet where we’re free to…’ asking young people to create films on their vision for a better internet as well as to explore what an inclusive and safe online world would look like to them.  

Primary aged finalists:

1. Eva – Grafton Primary School – We want an internet where we are free to be ourselves 

A stop motion film, focussing on why people get bullied online and what an internet would be without bullies.

2. Oliver- Winkfield St Mary’s CofE Primary School – MR VIRUS VERSUS THE INTERNET

The internet is brought to life in clay! This film shows how much children enjoy playing games, messaging each other and shopping but can they avoid Mr Virus’ attempts to spoil their day? Knowing about safety is the best way to be safe and Oliver thinks animation is the best way to demonstrate this.

3. Genevieve – Kingscourt School – An Internet where you are free to learn

A live action film using the acronym of W.A.T.E.R as a method of finding out if something online is fake or not. Would you drink water if you didn’t know where it had come from? Then why trust information if you don’t know the source.

Secondary aged finalists:

1. Jess – Selston High School – Free to be You. Free to be Me.

Using paper cut out animation, Jess’ stop motion film demonstrates the need for our shared digital space to be a place where we should all be free to be ourselves.

2. Syra – Bishopshalt School – STAY YOU, BE YOU

A visually led film where our protagonist learns the importance of being herself online after receiving some mean comments.

3. Duff – Dulwich Prep – The Effect of Judgement

A medley of screenshots, snapshots and clips to demonstrate the effects of social media and encourage us all to feel free and enjoy our time online.

Group Category Finalists:

1. Allesley Primary School – The 7 Internet Guidelines

A short song and music video about feeling overwhelmed with all of the pressures of social media, and how to behave and navigate in a responsible way. 

The Belvedere Academy – Click

This colourful animation focuses on what we should do if we receive a link from an unknown source.

3. Norwich City Football Club Academy Scholars – Together, we are Stronger

Taking a direct to camera approach, the NCFC Academy scholars reach out to share what kind of internet they want, for themselves and all others. 

You  can watch all of the films at

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